côte collabs: côte x beautycounter

côte collabs: côte x beautycounter

our collaboration with beautycounter was a no-brainer. they represent côte's cleaner safer beauty ethos throughout their product line, demanding and delivering safer ingredients and better beauty. we’re very proud to provide them our custom signature no.B6  for their 'valentine’s day duo' - a limited edition product -  and be chosen as the only polish available for purchase on their site!

onwards into 2017! a year of cleaner safer beauty! 
learn more about beautycounter below:


our ingredient selection process ensures safer and cleaner products that work beautifully. this rigorous process handpicks the best ingredients, every time. what’s not included? approximately 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals on our “never list” that we never use to formulate our products.

January 19, 2017 by jamie feldshuh
beneath the label: what goes in your polish and on your nails?

beneath the label: what goes in your polish and on your nails?

when you think of your nails, it’s easy to assume that given their strength, your nail plates are an impervious barrier. therefore, why would it matter what goes into the nail polish you swipe on there?

yikes!! read on…. 

fingernails and toenails are actually made of keratin – a protein made up of dead cells. (nails don’t hurt when they are cut!—makes sense.) keratin is also the main protein found in hair. we all know how careful we are regarding the chemicals we put on our hair, and guess what, we need to take the same care when it comes to our nails. the keratin in our nails, just like in our hair, is porous. this means that whatever you put on your nail plate will soak right through into your body.
once you’ve absorbed this news, the ingredients that go into your nail polish (and more importantly the ingredients that DO NOT go into your nail polish) take on a whole new meaning and level of importance.

the hype surrounding cleaner, safer beauty products is real, is necessary and is thankfully on the rise.

"formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, triphenyl phosphate, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, gluten"

these scary-sounding words are the chemicals that often pop up in nail polish formulas and must be avoided. the good news is, côte has gone to great lengths to make sure that NONE of these ingredients are in any of our polishes or treatments. this singular effort was and is the driving force behind the côte brand. since it’s inception, côte has set out to take the harmful toxins out of nail polish and create a cleaner, safer way to enjoy gorgeous, worry free nail care. you can still get all the chip-resistant, long lasting shine without sacrificing your health!
we take pride in being free of these toxins….


classified as a known carcinogen, formaldehyde is often used as a preservative, nail hardener and strengthener in conventional polishes.


included in some polishes as a solvent to smooth application, is has been linked to impaired human reproduction and development, impaired breathing, being harmful to the nervous system and nausea.


shown to affect the reproductive system and linked to cancer, DBP has been
used as plasticizer and solvent to increase wear.


a derivative of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin is often used as a hardener and in large doses can be a skin allergen.


added to some polishes for high-shine, camphor can cause allergic reactions in large doses, cause irritation, dizziness, nausea and headaches.


also known as TPP, research suggests it causes changes in hormone
regulation, metabolism and reproductive systems. it has been used in polish as a plasticizer which makes the polish flexible yet durable.


used by some brands to help polish from getting gloppy, xylene is also a known allergen and a possible carcinogen.


this ingredient has antibiotic properties which raises concern over antibiotic resistance. it can be used as a plasticizer to help polishes dry faster.


used as preservatives, parabens get a bad rep for having estrogen-mimicking effects which may trigger hormonal problems.


hydrolyzed wheat protein, while considered nontoxic by some, does pose potentially serious issues for those who are gluten intolerant. used to help moisturize soft, brittle nails, it presents an allergy concern.
August 26, 2016 by jamie feldshuh
diy pedi: how to get the perfect pedi

diy pedi: how to get the perfect pedi

it’s august which means we are still solidly in sandal season! it also means
that toes need to look pretty and polished, even if you can’t find time to pop
in for a pedicure. a simple DIY pedi is all you need to show off those feet
and skip away in your cute summer shoes.

we caught up with some of côte’s amazing nail technicians to discover
their secrets for achieving the perfect polished pedi look yourself...


using a non-acetone remover, gently dissolve away any old polish and
create a clean, dry nail bed with which to work.

if you have a few minutes, soak your feet in a bowl of warm water. add a little body or hand soap to help cleanse, clean and soften your skin and nails, then dry completely.



clip your nails with a large, straight edge clipper, being careful not to cut
too close to the skin. smooth the edges with a fine grit nail file to attain
your desired shape.


feet can take a beating, especially in our hot summer months. make sure
to moisturize your feet with a rich cream or oil to keep your skin smooth
and hydrated.

côte’s organic, cold -pressed argan oil is an amazing all-natural
hydrator. put a few drops on each foot and massage into heels, soles, toes and cuticles. after applying oil, make sure to re-clean your nail beds with a quick wipe of non-acetone remover.


start the polishing with one even layer of base coat. don’t make the
mistake of skipping this important step! a good base coat really helps
colored polish stick and last.

côte’s smoothing base is an awesome base coat that enhances all nail types. this specially formulated treatment works as a ridge filler, strengthener and primer for natural nails, and creates a great base for polish adhesion.



time to paint those piggies! making sure there is a medium amount of paint
on your brush, evenly apply two coats of polish to toes.

to really make colors POP, try playing with layering. use one
application of côte no.2 (a crisp, clean white) followed by a layer of your favorite shade. watch the color explode on your toes!



finish and lock in your color with a thin layer of top coat. looking for high-
shine? côte’s strengthening base & top is just the answer. need to jet?
reach for côte’s quick dry top.

carefully swipe the tip of each nail to seal the edge and ensure no chips. with your toes attended to and looking great, you’re back in the game! grab those sandals and reach for that beach bag, you’re good to go. (don’t forget your sunscreen!) 

show off your perfect pedi in havaiana's in multiple styles.
shop them in our beachwear collection here! 

August 15, 2016 by jamie feldshuh
diy mani: the côte way

diy mani: the côte way

at côte, we know nails...it's what we do! we also know that it's not always possible to get your pampering done at your local nail shop, so we've tapped into our skilled and expert techs to provide a few pointers on how to achieve the perfect manicured look when you're on your own

follow our six easy steps

 step 1: keep it clean

ensure that your nails are clean. remove any polish with a non acetone polisher remover in a well-ventilated area. 

step 2: trim & shape

using clippers, or a medium grit nail file, begin to trim and shape your nails: oval, "squoval" or square, what's your fancy?

keep your file strokes going in one direction. filing back and forth can break down your nails and actually do more damage than good


step 3: soak & hydrate

manicures aren't only about your nails...your hands get to get in on the action too! moisturize your hands prior to applying polish.  

côte's organic argan oil is an excellent, natural hydrator, but other oils or lotions can work as well. once your hands are soft and happy, make sure to once again wipe all nails with your non-acetone remover.

step 4: all about that base (coat!)

with a clean, dry nail bed waiting, go for a base coat that makes sense. nails a little "ridge-y?" try côte's smoothing base. is weak and brittle more your issue? then côte's strengthening base & top (with it's vitamin B5 and coffee extract) is more your speed.  

step 5: color me

with over 100 gorgeous and toxin free colors to choose from, there's a shade for everyone and every mood. apply two coats, trying to keep each coat thin and even

with a medium amount of polish on the brush, start with one stroke down the center of the nail, then follow with a swipe to each side to spread out the color coverage.


step 6: top it off

once your color has set and dried, it's time to pull it all together. shiny? matte? whatever your mood, we've got you covered!

for those on the run, use our quick dry top. it significantly cuts down dry time and leaves you with a super shiny, long-lasting and tough-as-nails finish. a côte tech fav! 


August 04, 2016 by jamie feldshuh
nail health: 101

nail health: 101

the days of fake acrylics are long behind us and our nails couldn't be happier. but years of coating & covering with chemicals have left our nails tired, cracked, thin, and sometimes yellow.   by embracing our natural nail, we allow it to breath so it can begin repairing the years of anguish we've put them through. 

there are a number of things that can cause our once beautiful, natural nails to turn a yellow hue. often times discoloration is due to the overuse of toxin laden polishes, gels and fake nails. thankfully we are more aware of these harmful effects and now have methods to turn back to the clock by strengthening, repairing, and nourishing our nails with toxin-free products!  

investing in cleaner, safer beauty will save your nails and keep them healthy!


get the most from your manicure with our strengthening base and top. it’s a great way to strengthen your nails and prevent splitting, peeling, and thinning. It also adds shine, keeping your color looking fresh longer!

if you’re on the go, grab our travel size option which fits perfectly in any sized clutch and is carry-on safe for quick spot treatments.

strengthening base + top  $21, traveler size $8 






great way to keep your cuticles supple and skin and hair radiant is our organic argan oil! this multi-functional oil is your secret weapon for combatting not only dry skin (cracked heels) and wrinkles, but for keeping cuticles soft and hair shiny as well!

to use on nails, simply apply 1 drop to each nail and gently massage in the cuticle area, but don't stop there! add some argan oil into your lotion, shampoo or conditioner for a special hydrating boost, or simply apply directly to your skin or scalp.

argan oil  $28 


nail health does not stop at topical solutions - internal health is equally important to maintaining beautiful nails. a nutritious diet is a key factor to healthy nails!

head out to your local farmers market and load up on the green goods with our aplat tote now available. a beautiful grocery tote is a great way to remind yourself that you're invested in your health as well as supporting a sustainable lifestyle with a reusable, multifunctional bag.

aplat tote $50
June 22, 2016 by jamie feldshuh
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