côte’s neon nail polish is like spring break in a bottle. Super energetic, always fun, and definitely memorable. What’s awesome about côte’s neon nail polish though, is that every color is made with a cruelty free nail polish formula. That means the neon pink nail polish you’re gonna wear on your weekend getaway? Safe. The neon yellow nail polish you’re saving for a rainy day? Super safe. And that neon green nail polish you want to wear out this weekend? Absolutely, most definitely clean nail polish safe. You’re gonna be obsessed with how your nails look after using côte’s vegan nail polish. So crank it up and max it out! Grab every neon nail polish shade your heart desires (and visualize yourself on a beach while you’re at it).
*Due to heightened sanitation restrictions, all polishes treatments and sets are FINAL SALE.  Thank you for your understanding. 
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