Holiday Gift Guide for the Health Nut

Holiday Gift Guide for the Health Nut

She carries around her healing crystals with her everywhere she goes. She knows the best products and beauty secrets for youthful, glowing skin and shiny, healthy hair. You can find her only shopping organic, stocking up on the freshest produce and latest superfood. She knows the best meditation practices for a calming, peaceful mindset. She is a wellness guru, a fitness fanatic, a toxic-free spirit. She is The Health Nut. 

A quintessential health nut is someone who always wants to feel her best self from the inside out. Now it's time to follow her lead! We've created a gift guide that every health nut will love, making your holiday shopping easy and stress free! 

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1.  The Beauty Chef ($35)


Treat your wellness-obsessed friend to a book filled with answers on how to obtain a glowing health. This James Beard Award Nominated book features 150 delicious and nutritious recipes that are gluten-free and mostly dairy-free to feed both your skin and your gut, alongside practical words of wisdom from the wellbeing authority Carla Oates, who has been researching, writing and teaching on organic beauty for the past 15 years. 


2. Healing Crystal Traveler Set ($60)

Every health nut loves her healing crystals. Why not add a special touch and pair crystals with our healthy, soothing nail treatments? Our Healing Crystal Traveler Set features 5 of our most popular treatments - Quick Dry Base Coat, Protecting Base & Top Coat, Growth with Garlic Base Coat, Matte Top Coat, Resurface & Repair Base Coat, and Strengthening Base & Top Coat. Each traveler sized bottle also includes one of our small healing crystals - rose quartz, chrysoprase, and labradorite. The perfect gift to cure holiday stress!


3. Kindling Bundle with Infused Argan Oil ($32)

We collaborated with Spiritual Kindling to create this exclusive kindling bundle filled with locally-sourced medicinal herbs and raw wood tinder that are carefully collected by hand in the hills above Malibu. Attached is our limited-edition, amethyst-infused argan oil, which can be used as a soothing treatment during this therapeutic ritual experience. A healing bundle that will promote emotional and physical balance for every health nut!


4. Matcha Sea Clay Mask and Volcanic Ash Mask ($5 each)

Face masks are an easy and thoughtful gift for any beauty addict that wants a healthy, natural glow. Try these two from Terra Beauty Products. The Matcha Sea Clay Dry Mask and Volcanic Ash Clay Dry Mask are both crafted with Brazilian yellow clay, turmeric, and microfined calendula botanical for a revitalizing facial experience. This product is also 100% natural and vegan!


5. Body & Soul Water Bottle ($140)

This water bottle contains a special gemstone blend that helps you stay on top of your fitness and health goals. Apatite has an appetite suppressant and is said to enhance your personal power to achieve goals. Rose quartz enhances self love, so no matter what size we are or want to be, it all starts with loving our bodies and feeding our souls. This water bottle isn't about being skinny; it's about being the perfect you! A very thoughtful and inspiring gift for every wellness guru. 


6. CrownJuwel Pet Bowl ($78)

A health nut not only cares about her own health, but also the health of her favorite furry friends! This CrownJuwel Pet Bowl contains a gem blend that improves the quality of the water inside the bowl, providing cats and dogs with kidney and liver health. Also comes in blue!


7. Duo 6 - Resurface & Repair and Growth with Garlic ($38)

Duo 6 is a health nut's dream combination. Featuring two of our most popular nail treatments - Resurface & Repair and Growth with Garlic, this duo will bring nails back to full health, soothing nails from previous damage and strengthening them for growth.


8. Beauty Tonic ($38)

Add this dietary supplement to your morning tea to naturally replenish your body’s collagen and prevent and reverse the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks. 


9. Clove + Hallow Angelic Lip Glaze ($15)

Gift your favorite health nut a toxic-free, natural lip color that will complement her healthy glow! Formulated with natural olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter, our PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan Lip Glaze offers inspired color and a dazzling finish without stickiness.


10. Indie Goat NO2 Soap ($9)

Indie Goat's beauty bars are toxin and water free, natural, nourishing, and handcrafted. NO2 is their Detoxifying bar - a gentle and effective way to make your skin healthy, glowing, and moisture rich! Formulated with active ingredients -  such as coconut charcoal to detoxify and kaolin clay to nourish - this bar is a body exfoliater while also being gentle enough to use daily as a face cleanser.


11. 9 Polish Gift Set ($162)

Our Limited Edition 9 Polish Gift Set is the perfect gift for any health nut looking to build or start their collection of cleaner safer beauty products! The set includes 9 popular shades - no. 37, 98, 46, 12, 45, 49, 77, 99, and 106.


12. côte polishes - no. 66 & no. 24 ($18 each)

A toxin-free gift for a toxic-free friend! Our côte polishes are the perfect gift for wellness obsessed friends who want to keep their nails free of major chemicals and toxins. No. 66 is a blue bird shade that will promote peace and calm to the mind and body. While No. 24 is a watermelon red that will give your health nut a burst of energy, strength, and power. Not to mention, both colors will complement any kind of athletic outfit on the way to yoga class!


Don't forget to use the code HEALTH20 to receive 20% off on this guide all week long. Happy shopping!





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