Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashionista

She always looks chic and stylish, whether she's going to a party or the grocery store. People frequently ask her "where did you get that?" She knows how to incorporate the latest trend into her personal wardrobe. She is the best at finding sales and deals, whether online or in stores. She knows how to shop for the most unique finds, from vintage jewelry to statement coats. She is a trendsetter, a style maven, an expert shopper. She is The Fashionista.

Shopping for a Fashionista is no easy feat. Her unique eye for style and knack for finding the best sales is not always easy to imitate, but we are here to make the process easier (and chicer) for you this holiday season! Here are 9 trendy gifts any Fashionista would add to their shopping carts.

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1. Tigist Crossbody - Dusty Rose ($122)

A cross body bag never goes out of style, making it the perfect gift for any fashionista. The modern square shape and dusty rose color make this bag chic and versatile, fitting effortlessly into any wardrobe. 


2. Clove + Hallow Spicy Lip Glaze ($15) and Flaming Coral Lip Creme ($20)

A fashionista knows that a great lip color is just as stylish as any accessory. Give your favorite fashion icon a lip glaze and lip creme that will help her shine at any event. These Clove + Hallow lip colors are formulated with a combination of natural and organic jojoba, castor and sunflower oils, giving lips a bold color and nourishing hydration in just one swipe!


3. Willow Serum & Oil ($68)

A Fashionista always has hair that looks like it's been freshly blown out. Whether they've recently been to the salon or not, this serum will give their locks a shiny look that will last. This S.OIL hair serum is made with clove and grapefruit, perfect for restoring healthy looking hair.


4. High Vibrational Beauty Book ($27.99)

A Fashionista knows that style comes in many forms - from a killer outfit to a fabulous coffee table. Add to her home decor and bookshelf with High Vibrational Beauty, a book full of recipes and rituals for radical self care. 


5. Desert Cushion ($89)

This 100% cotton pillow has a digitally printed cushion with natural colored fringing. A chic gift for any trendsetter looking to step up their home decor style game.  


6.  Nude 6 Piece Traveler Set ($42)

Nude manis are chic and classy - a fashionista's go-to. Give them multiple colors to choose from with our favorite Nude Traveler Set. They can mix-n-match or even create their own unique nude color... a trendsetter's dream! 


7. Duo 3 ($30) and Matte Top Coat ($21)

Our Duo 3 will keep your fabulous friend or family member fresh and stylish for any season. Featuring no. 9 & no. 38, this duo provides the perfect balance between sexy and classy. Include our matte top coat to add a trendy touch.  


8. Malibu Set ($64)

A specially curated set of three luxurious shades that are perfect for exploring the beaches of Malibu! This set features a rich red (no. 38), a delicious rose gold (no. 13) and a versatile navy (no. 76). These colors will add a trendy LA touch to any look.


9. côte polish no. 92, 28, 96, 41

Last but definitely not least, you can never go wrong giving your style maven a collection of côte polishes!  Try this combination: a raven black (no. 92), a deep burgundy (no. 28), a shiny metallic gold (no. 96), and a cool cappuccino (no. 41). All of these colors never go out of style and will provide a Fashionista trendy options for any season or fabulous holiday event. 


Now it's time to channel your inner fashionista and shop the best deal! Use the code FASHION20 to get 20% off these chic gifts all week long. Happy shopping!




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