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Light Creamy Pink Coral
Nail Polish
$ 18.00
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côte’s coral non toxic nail polish is like someone took the superpowers of pink nail polish and merged it with the showstopper energy of orange nail polish. We at côte worked hard on our vegan nail polish formula to ensure this all-in-one color is safe to wear as often as you want (and trust us, you’re probably going to wear this often.) Not sure where to start? We’ll make it a breeze. Looking for a dynamic coral clean nail polish shade? Sport a mix of orange and neon pink nail polish. Searching for something more subdued? Try an orange and light pink nail polish mix. No matter what coral pink nail polish you choose, you’ll know you made the right decision using côte’s non toxic nail polish.
*Due to heightened sanitation restrictions, all polishes treatments and sets are FINAL SALE.  Thank you for your understanding. 
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