Have Yourself a Happy and Healing Holiday with our Healing Crystal Nail Treatment Traveler Set!


Our NEWEST Treatment Traveler Set is infused with healing crystals to help expedite the healing process and give you beautiful healthy nails fast!

This non-toxic nail polish treatment set features all of our signature treatments in a beautiful box fitted for 6 traveler size côte polish products. 


Each treatment is designed to treat common nail issues, such as discoloration, thinning, and damaged nails and nail neds. 


The 6 Treatments + Crystals Included:

Protective Base + Top Provides a base for even color application and long-lasting wear while protecting the nail plate from yellowing, stains, and discoloration. As a top coat, it protects against chipping and also has a UV absorber which protects from yellowing and fading. It hydrates and seals the nail while creating a long-lasting shine.

Rose Quartz Crystal: 

Quick Dry In a hurry? apply this over any polish for ultra-shine and a speedy less-than-three-minutes dry time. côte's quick dry also contains a UV absorber to help prevent nail discoloration.

Rose Quartz Crystal:

Resurface & Repair Ditch the harmful gels and come back to beautiful natural nails! Infused with lavender extract, ginseng root extract, and calcium fluoride, resurface & repair base coat helps soothe nails damaged by gel or acrylic product removal.

Labradorite Crystal: 

Growth with Garlic Relies on odorless garlic extract to provide the natural road to longer, stronger nails while helping to remove yellowing that other polishes may leave behind.

Chrysoprase Crystal:

Matte Top Instantly double your polish collection! transform shiny nails into a velvety, soft matte finish with côte's matte top. specially designed to go on evenly, matte top preserves the gorgeous nail color shade beneath. Apply this over any polish color and it dries to a soft matte finish.

Chrysoprase Cyrstal: 

Strengthening Base + Top The strengthing formula contains calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5) and coffee extract to help strengthen natural nails. Beneficial for weak, thin, splitting or peeling nails, this formula also provides great shine as a top coat. It can be applied every 2-3 days to refresh shine* and lengthen the life of a great manicure. 

Labradorite Crystal: 




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