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Côte Treatments? Overall:

Côte has seven different treatments, all with specific purposes and strengths:

  • Nail Strengthener Base and Top Coat

    Strengthening Base & Top

  • Protective Base & Top

    Protective Base & Top

  • Smoothing Base Coat Nail Primer

    Smoothing Base

  • Resurface and Nail Repair Base Coat

    Resurface & Repair Base

  • Growth with Garlic Nail Treatment

    Growth with Garlic Base

  • Quick Dry Top Coat

    Quick Dry Top

  • Matte Top Coat

    Matte Top

Treatments, all with specific purposes and strengths:

  • Strengthening Base & Top

    Contains calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5) and coffee extract to help strengthen natural nails. Beneficial for weak, thin, splitting or peeling nails, this formula also provides great shine as a top coat.
    Nail Strengthener Base and Top Coat
  • Protective Base & Top

    Provides a base for even color application and long lasting wear while protecting the nail plate from yellowing, stains and discoloration. As a top coat, it protects against chipping and also has a UV absorber which protects from yellowing and fading. It hydrates and seals the nail while creating long-lasting shine.
    Protective Base & Top
  • Smoothing Base

    Specially formulated to work as a ridge filler, strengthener and primer for natural nails, côte’s smoothing base produces a subtle, matte finish which acts as a great base for polish adhesion. Expect long-lasting wear and protection against chipping and tip wear as well.
    Smoothing Base Coat Nail Primer
  • Resurface & Repair Base

    Ditch the harmful gels and come back to beautiful natural nails. Infused with lavender extract, ginseng root extract and calcium fluoride, resurface & repair base coat helps soothe nails damaged by gel or acrylic product removal.
    Resurface and Nail Repair Base Coat
  • Growth with Garlic Base

    Growth with Garlic relies on odorless garlic extract to provide the natural road to longer, stronger nails while helping to remove yellowing that other polishes may leave behind.
    Growth with Garlic Nail Treatment
  • Quick Dry Top: In a hurry?

    Apply this over any polish for ultra0shine and a speedy less-than-three-minutes dry time. Côte’s Quick Dry also contains a UV absorber to help prevent nail discoloration.
    Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Matte Top

    Instantly double your polish collection! Transform shiny nails into velvety, soft matte nails. Specially designed to go on evenly, matte top preserves the gorgeous nail color shade beneath.
    Matte Top Coat

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Regarding Base Coats

Re-treat to your own oasis and soak in these wonderful benefits. Vegan and cruelty free.
Regarding Base Coats
  • The best insurance policy for a great, long-lasting manicure is a nice thin layer of base coat prior to color application.

  • A good base coat sets the stage for great color adherence. Think of it as double-sided tape…it sticks to your nail plate and the color sticks to it!

  • A toxin-free base coat is essential to keeping your nail look clean. The base coat obviously has the most direct contact with your nail.

Regarding Top Coats

Shiny and smooth? Velvety and matte?
Regarding Top Coats
  • There’s a top coat for that. Depending on your desired look, top coats can enhance and subdue every shade in our collection.

  • A good top coat is essential for extending the look and wear of a manicure. It seals the top layer and helps prevent color chipping or cracking.

  • Pro tip: apply a thin layer of top coat 4-5 days into your manicure to extend it’s life.