This product is in such high demand, it took us 3 months to get hold of it!

I always paint my nails. It's one of the “girly” things I have always enjoyed. I love painting my nails because it's relaxing to sit quietly and polish. Plus I love the gorgeous look of them painted.

I never thought twice about my nail polish… until I had children of my own.

Typical Nail Polish is Dangerous

Almost all nail polish contain toxins. We're talking nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, camphor, etc. This can make your nails thin and unhealthy. Even worse, they are cancer-causing.


Now that I have 2 girls I like to paint their nails. It's not as quiet and peaceful as it used to be, but my family loves it. I knew I had to find an alternative to the typical nail polish, so I started looking around...

We Tried This Natural Nail Polish

I found a company called Côte, which is a natural nail polish company. One look at their testimonial pages makes it clear that their products are the real deal. People are living happier lives with the help of these natural nail polishes. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Models Love Cote Nail Polish

"Vegan Formula that won't chip after two days." - Allure Magazine

What is it?

To put it simply, cote sells natural nail polish. Inspired by the proprietary Côte® technology, the company uses natural ingredients that are healthy for nails. And of course, the rich, creamy polish goes on thick to create a luxurious look.

"No more fake nails for me! I'm going natural. Happy to have discovered Cote Products." – Audrey J., Wife and Mother

Is it really worth the hype?

Well, the product has managed to sell out every month since its debut, and it’s also amassed tons of loyal followers — from celebrities to regular people.

Featured on "Oprah's Favorite Things"

So go ahead, give this natural and organic product a serious try.

My Test Run

I used the Yellow Polish (called cote no.56) and our nails did indeed look nice and smooth.

I feel completely comfortable putting this polish on both my girls. It looks great, goes on smooth and is natural. I have come to depend on.

You can enjoy their polishes at home or bring it to your nail salon. You might not think of nail polish as a gift idea but it is actually a FABULOUS gift idea! My girls get excited every time I gift them new polish…a girl can never have too many colors!

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