why using côte 10-free nail polish is so important

in light of some eye-opening discoveries presented by a recent duke university study, now is the time to switch to non-toxic nail polish. there are long-term consequences associated with extended exposure to nail polish. chemical fumes can interfere with reproductive hormones, cause kidney and liver damage, and at a more immediate level, instigate eye and throat irritation, dizziness, migraines, and dry, cracked skin.

the findings: researchers at duke university tested the urine of 26 women who had recently painted their nails and found evidence of TPHP in every participant. evidence of this chemical in the women’s urine increased sharply after they applied nail polish. the scientists also tested 10 different nail polishes for TPHP itself and found that eight of the ten contained it.

these studies showed that TPHP might disrupt hormones in humans, and in animal studies have also shown to upset reproductive and development processes. the chemical is thought to make polish more flexible and durable; the same chemical is used in plastics manufacturing and as a common fire retardant. 

most americans are widely exposed to TPHP, but some research shows that women have higher levels in their bodies. this may be explained by it's prevalence  in personal care products for women, including nail polish.

this news is of particular concern for parents when considering that many kids and teens may use these products. for many youngsters, nail polish is the first introduction to cosmetics. but before and during puberty, they are especially vulnerable to hormone disruptors. 

before applying another coat of polish, make sure the brand you pick up is free of harmful chemicals, especially TPHP.

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August 07, 2017 by jamie feldshuh

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