Why should the ladies have all the fun?


More and more, men are turning to nail polish as an outlet for self-expression, style and creativity. Whereas in years past men were really relegated to "just a clear coat" or goth shades like black or navy, 2020 has encouraged them to embrace the full rainbow of shades and finishes. 

If jumping off into a hot pink hue (côte no. 113 comes to mind) seems a little too eye-catching, not to worry, there are plenty of ways to work your way up to neons. First and foremost, the key to any good manicure is a clean, dry nail plate and a great base coat. Starting with a layer of côte's Smoothing Base is the perfect beginning. It is specifically formulated to work as a ridge filler, strengthener and primer for natural nails, and provides a great base for polish adhesion.
Next, get ready to express yourself. What are you feeling? Flashy or subtle? Monotone or ombre? Whatever it is, there's a polish color for that. And the fun part is, as the mood or moment changes, so can your polish. 
Cap it off with a great top coat, côte's Quick Dry Top is a fan favorite, or maybe go with côte's Matte Top for a more muted finish. Either way, enjoy and embrace the coolest way for men to give their attitude and look a little lift.
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