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5 Reasons To Use Our Non-Toxic Top Coat Nail Polish

With nail polish art comes the pain of chipping. Seeing all that beautiful work flake off in one misguided hand motion. Though a base coat may seem like enough to produce long wear results, a top coat provides the key protective layer that preserves the nail art and polish underneath.

A high-quality top coat nail polish is an essential investment that every polish fanatic needs. Ensuring protection, a great top coat polish not only helps prevent chipping but also offers a classy finishing touch. 

With options that include a Matte Top Coat or a Quick Dry Top Coat with its high shine glossy finish, a high-quality top coat polish ensures the elegant appearance of your nails, without compromising durability.

At Côte, each of our top coat polishes is delicately formulated to optimize the health of your nails as well as the aesthetic and wear of your polish. Whether you are after a smooth, matte, or glossy gel polish finish, our top coat varnishes contain a wealth of benefits.


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5 Reasons to Use Our Top Coat

Using non-toxic, vegan ingredients, Côte's cruelty-free nail polish already boasts a strong ethical stance, inviting our customers to join this moral and health revolution.

While there are plenty of benefits to using our top coat, here are the top 5 reasons that are unique to Côte!


1) Smoothes Nail Polish 

Côte's top coats smooth the previous nail polish coat, facilitating an even texture that helps level out any initial application mishaps. This creates a beautiful and professional manicure appearance that prevents chipping and fills in any small dents or lines.

All of Côte's top coat polishes are clear in color to help produce a smooth, shiny finish that can be added to any nail color!

Pair with our Smoothing Base Coat nail primer for a silky, liquid glass top coat result.


2) Dries Nail Polish Faster 

Enriched with a luxurious, mirror-like shine for a glossy finish, our Quick Dry Top Coat ensures a speedy 3 minute or less dry time. There is no need for exposure to heat or UV light, as with just a single swipe, your polish will be completely dry in record time.

While most other top coats may be stressful to apply due to smudging, our top coat nail polishes contain nitrocellulose, which speeds up the drying process while safely adhering to the existing varnish already on the nail. 

As a result, you can quickly air dry the polish without worrying about compromising the overall design. With a clear coat, glossy gel-like finish, this high-shine top coat adds both style and protection to your nails.


Top Coat Nail Polish- Côte


3) Makes Nail Polish Last Longer 

At Côte, we believe that a good top coat should be long-lasting and chip resistant. That's why we have specially formulated a unique Protective Base and Top Coat for a versatile varnish that mirrors the durability of a gel manicure.

This innovative nail polish top coat can absorb UV light to protect your nails from UV rays. Overexposure to this light will change the pigment of your varnish color and cause a faded, yellowing appearance. Consequently, using Côte's Protective Base and Top Coat will allow you to enjoy bold and bright colors for longer.

Furthermore, apply two coats of any of our topcoats to create a barrier between the nail polish and the external environment, preventing your nail art from coming into direct contact with possible erodents, such as water. 

This helps to slow down the rate at which nail polish starts peeling, which ultimately makes the nail polish coat last longer.


4) Strengthens Nails 

Our Nail Strengthener Base and Top Coat naturally improve the health of your nails through the inclusion of calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5) and coffee extract. These nourishing ingredients help to protect your nails from UV rays, which can cause nails to become brittle and weak.

This is the best top coat for those who have delicate nails as the active ingredients will increase overall nail strength with each wear.

Additionally, this strengthening top coat seals the nail polish effectively, increasing its resistance to chipping. The polish can also be worn as a treatment for splitting nails, and the clear color enables the top coat to be worn whilst at work or school.

Providing the perfect finishing touch, a single layer of this top coat creates a shiny, glossy effect for beautiful, healthy nails.

Top Coat Nail Polish  - Côte

5) Gives a Fancier Finish 

Côte's range of top coat nail polishes gives a smooth and shiny finish due to an ingredient called nitrocellulose. This is a toxin-free compound that helps to smooth application mistakes and seal polish efficiently.

While most top coats at Côte produce a high gloss, shiny finish for a sleek elegant look, we also offer a beautiful, velvety top coat in Matte for a powerful yet feminine design matte finish. 

Our non-toxic and quick-drying formula means that you can easily refresh your nails with a glossy gel textured finish every few days.



A glossy finish top coat adds classic glamour, while matte top coats invite mysterious modern elegance. Luckily with Côte's collection, you can easily enjoy both styles whenever you'd like for an at-home manicure experience! To keep the healthiness of your nails, we recommend using our acetone-free regular nail polish remover.

Côte provides high-quality, cruelty-free products that are created free of the major toxins and allergens that are often associated with nail polish. 

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