There are two types of people out there. There are those who love nothing more than to sit down with the latest nail shade and get to town on a DIY nail spa day. Then there are those of us (ahem…speaking for a friend here, of course) who would rather give ourselves bangs with a weed-wacker than try to paint-within-the-cuticles by ourselves.

For those in the later group, fear not! With a whole new level of appreciation for DIY these days, this is something you can definitely tackle…successfully!

Step #1 – set yourself up for success by choosing a light color

Save the deep reds and navys for when you’ve mastered this whole at-home thing. Start off with something forgiving like a soft, barely there pink. côte no.3, no. 5 and no. 10 are excellent starting colors. This way, even if there are still a few slips, it will be hardly noticeable!

Step #2 – anchor your non-dominant hand on the table

Leaning the edge of your hand on something will give you a much steadier grip and allow for less wobbling. If you perch your hand up in the air you’re just asking for trouble.

Follow these two super easy steps and you’re halfway there. Add some calming music, a candle and a glass of rosé and you’ve arrived.

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