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Nude Nail Colors For This Season

Nude nail colors never go out of fashion as the classic look complements almost every skin tone and outfit. Nude polishes are so versatile when it comes to creating a cohesive overall style or aesthetic. They can provide a beautiful contrast against darker skin tones or elongate the hand on light skin tones for a more feminine look.

It isn't necessary to wear bold vibrant colors in order to make your nude nails or outfit pop, these colors are a subtle way to glamourize your nails while still appearing chic and cute. There is also comfort in a nude shade, as it will not overpower your outfit, but naturally match the color scheme without making you appear overdone!


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Nude Nail Colors

Nude nail polishes are a timeless design that gives an effortless and chic look. The classic nude shade is always on-trend and wearers of this color can be assured that it will never look misplaced or wrong.

Despite this, there are different types of nude nail polish shades that will suit some more than others. As a result of this, it is essential to keep in mind that choosing a nail polish shade is like choosing foundation, it needs to suit your skin tone and complexion. 

One way to find out which nude shade of polish is best for you is to pay attention to your skin’s undertone and your cuticle color.

Below is a list of the best nude nail colors in various shades that will flatter different skin tones and complexions. To find the perfect nude shade for your nail color, read through each description to find the best match for you! 


Neutral Beige Nail Polish (No. 8):

The No. 8 neutral beige nail polish is a stunningly subtle color that offers a sheer finish. This creamy-colored polish is the ideal nude shade for those with pink undertones in their skin, as the soft color will help to create a warm undertone to your hands for a feminine look.

With 0.4oz of polish per bottle, this vegan nail polish will have a great shelf life with the right storage and care.


Pearlized Camel Colored Lacquer Nail Polish (No. 12): 

No. 12 pearlized camel-colored lacquer nail polish is a beautiful light brown shade that best compliments more tanned and deeper skin tones for the perfect nude nail lacquer. Those with lighter skin tones can also enjoy this timeless shade if you prefer a darker nude color on your nails. 

The softness of the light camel color will be brought out further when cushioned by olive skin tones, and the contrast between fair skin tones and the brown shade will add depth and definition to your hands.

The polish bottles contain a healthy 0.4oz of product and are crafted from Italian glass for a sophisticated look.


Cool Cappuccino Nail Polish (No. 41):

No. 41 cool cappuccino is a neutral light brown shade that best suits cool undertones in the skin. This nude polish looks incredible and chic on both darker skin tones as well as fair skin, due to its classic taupe-like color. The subdued color is a beautiful shade that will add an air of sophistication to any outfit.

The allergen-free nail polish is made up of the highest quality ingredients, avoiding all unnecessary toxins for a formula that soothes and promotes healthy nails. Our nail polish bottles also reflect our ambition for cleaner and safer nails, with strong thorough brushes that provide a beautiful application of polish in just one coat.


Nude Nail Colors - Côte


Mink Mauve Nail Polish (No. 48):

No. 48 mink mauve nail polish is the perfect shade of nude for all types of skin tones, from deeper to lighter shades! With this polish, your nude nail color will be an elegant accessory to any look or style you choose, due to their versatile color. Neutrals are in this season, so make sure that your nail varnish reflects this ongoing trend.

This nail polish, like all our others, is cruelty-free, chip resistant, and long wearing, so you do not have to worry about your nails during a busy week! You can enjoy this beautiful mauve mink shade regularly, with 0.4oz of polish per bottle.


Adobe Clay Brown Nail Polish (No. 49):

Providing a gorgeous warm shade darker of nude, No. 49 adobe clay brown nail polish will help to bring out the warmth in your skin's undertones. The gentle, subtle color provides a delicate and feminine look by offering just the right amount of depth to draw attention to your hands. This nude shade will suit any medium skin tones and dark skin tones color for a classic, beautiful, and creamy finish.

The formula is non-toxic, ensuring that anyone can enjoy these gorgeous tones safely!


Caramel Clay Nail Polish (No. 122):

No. 122 caramel clay nail polish is the perfect nude color for a neutral mani everyone, from people with a warm skin tone to those with more cool undertones, can enjoy. Containing only non-toxic and vegan ingredients, such as butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, and nitrocellulose, this caramel nude nail polish is a safe and healthy varnish to help strengthen your nails.


Neutral Taupe Nail Polish (No. 125):

No. 125 neutral taupe nail polish is a pretty, delicate nude shade that offers a slight pink hue for a feminine appeal. Due to this pink underlying tone, the neutral nail polish looks beautiful on a manicure all year round.

This subtle color can suit a range of skin colors and undertones, but will best complement warm undertones for a romantic and graceful aesthetic. The neutral taupe nail polish was actually inspired by the incredible colors used within French provincial architecture, with the noble tones of soft clay-hued stones inducing an amorous, sophisticated feel.



In summary, every skin tone has a perfect nude manicure available, it is just about finding the right color scheme for your skin's undertones. Luckily, with Côte polishes, there is a nude nail look that is complementary to nearly every skin tone. Our guide above will ensure that your chosen nude polish will truly finish your overall look.

Generally, the best guide to follow is to find a nude color that reflects the hues and tones of your hands and nail beds. If you have a lot of pink in your hands and skin, No. 125 neutral taupe nail polish and No. 49 adobe clay brown nail polish will be the perfect paint shade to really draw attention to the warmth in your hands. For cooler skin tones, more neutral nail polish nude shades will look super on you. To figure out if you have a cooler skin tone, see if you can identify any yellow, blue, or green undertones in your skin.

Alternatively, to help identify your skin tone, you can hold cooler shades (such as neutral blue, green, and browns) and warmer shades (such as pinks and reds) against your skin. Look for the range of shades that suits your skin more, and this will reveal whether you have a cool or warm skin tone. 

It is important to note that any skin color and any ethnicity will have ranging skin tones, as our skin is made up of so many different beautiful hues. Therefore, no matter what your skin color is, you will want to find the most fitting colors and hues to complement your natural skin tone. Once you have established this, find a nude nail polish that reflects your findings!

Here at Côte, we manufacture vegan, cruelty-free products that are free of major toxins associated with nail polish. We pride ourselves on making beautiful varnishes and accessories that are the cleanest and safest nail polish products available!

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