nail health: 101

nail health: 101

the days of fake acrylics are long behind us and our nails couldn't be happier. but years of coating & covering with chemicals have left our nails tired, cracked, thin, and sometimes yellow.   by embracing our natural nail, we allow it to breath so it can begin repairing the years of anguish we've put them through. 

there are a number of things that can cause our once beautiful, natural nails to turn a yellow hue. often times discoloration is due to the overuse of toxin laden polishes, gels and fake nails. thankfully we are more aware of these harmful effects and now have methods to turn back to the clock by strengthening, repairing, and nourishing our nails with toxin-free products!  

investing in cleaner, safer beauty will save your nails and keep them healthy!


get the most from your manicure with our strengthening base and top. it’s a great way to strengthen your nails and prevent splitting, peeling, and thinning. It also adds shine, keeping your color looking fresh longer!

if you’re on the go, grab our travel size option which fits perfectly in any sized clutch and is carry-on safe for quick spot treatments.

strengthening base + top  $21, traveler size $8 






great way to keep your cuticles supple and skin and hair radiant is our organic argan oil! this multi-functional oil is your secret weapon for combatting not only dry skin (cracked heels) and wrinkles, but for keeping cuticles soft and hair shiny as well!

to use on nails, simply apply 1 drop to each nail and gently massage in the cuticle area, but don't stop there! add some argan oil into your lotion, shampoo or conditioner for a special hydrating boost, or simply apply directly to your skin or scalp.

argan oil  $28 


nail health does not stop at topical solutions - internal health is equally important to maintaining beautiful nails. a nutritious diet is a key factor to healthy nails!

head out to your local farmers market and load up on the green goods with our aplat tote now available. a beautiful grocery tote is a great way to remind yourself that you're invested in your health as well as supporting a sustainable lifestyle with a reusable, multifunctional bag.

aplat tote $50
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