giving back - a holiday guide
this holiday season we're putting your shopping needs in the hands of our VP of business and retail,  jamie feldshuh. jamie travels the world discovering hundreds of brands a year for côte, so this year we decided to tap into his insight and highlight some of the brands that really stand out. when buying for the store, jamie mentions that he tries to keep a few things front of mind...
1.) do the items match the côte aesthetic of coastal chic and do they fall in line with our inspiration "anything that fits in your beach bag or belongs in your beach house"
2.) does the brand have a unique story to tell that can be shared with côte customers
3.) does the brand give back to its community and/or does it fit with côte's "côte of ethics" 

 we have admired what our friends at have been doing, so we partnered with them to design a custom beaded bracelet in time for this holiday season.  the bracelet is beautifully crafted with côte's signature colors: coral, grey and white. each bracelet sold benefits the Lonely Whale foundation - a wonderful initiative to clean up our oceans from pollutants such as plastic and oil. as stewards of the cleaner revolution and our close ties to the coast, it only makes sense for us to align with such an incredible initiative. 

click to learn more: visit beads for relief and the lonely whale foundation.  

(available in-store only)
swahili african modern has been building relationships with African artisans for over 20 years. swahili represents thousands of artisans from one of the world's most diverse & enigmatic continents. they design products from sustainable or recycled materials & strive to keep their customers in touch with the talented artisans who create the products you love.

"i love their approach to community and sustainable design -- but also their design speaks for itself. we're proud to carry these beautiful pieces and support the efforts of the artisans!" -- jamie 

(available in-store only)
a percentage of profits from their foutas & peshtemals will be donated to kiva, a highly reputable non-profit organization that gives 0% interest microloans to struggling artisans and entrepreneurs in poverty stricken areas throughout the world.
"their foutas compliment our coastal-lifestyle-vibe in every way so it was a no brainer to bring them in this holiday season.  as a personal donor to the kiva foundation, i felt an instantaneous connection to this brand. i'm thrilled to be working with a company that see's the importance of nonprofits like kiva. " 

 rosy rings is committed to using natural products like beeswax and soy wax.  these sachets are sublimely fragrant and are constructed with just-gathered birch twigs, larkspur flowers, moss, oak leaves and rose petals.  the company works with shalom denver, a colorado non- profit organization which provides jobs and training to developmentally disabled adults.  

"on top of producing beautiful looking and smelling satchets, their commitment to making their community better is definitely one of the best things about this brand.  since we introduced these sachets to côte over two years ago, these sets have become one of our top sellers.  find out why they make the perfect gift, you will not be disappointed" 

we've carried legends of lido for a while now both in shop and online. legends of lido is a local los angeles brand based in venice that creates beautiful bags and pouches. they draw their inspiration from the world around them but also also enjoy giving back. every year they donate a portion of their profits to a global charity that resonates with their brand.

November 03, 2016 by cale jones