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Recently, nail care and styling have become a social media phenomenon, with different seasons and events inspiring a multitude of beautiful designs! Manicured nails have always represented a sophisticated and pulled-together look, and with the invention of more detailed designs, manicured nails are now an accessory you can flaunt.

Different nail shapes are all the rage, with several new ones making appearances in your favorite fashion magazines and on social media! Medium to long shape nails have recently gathered a host of likes on Pinterest, as well as going viral on Instagram. With the correct shape and color,  nails can add a whole new level of beauty to your look or style, and draw attention to your hands. This is exactly why nail shaping and style shouldn’t be overlooked.

The variety of different nail shapes can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you don't know which shape is best suited for your nails. This blog post will be your ultimate guide to understanding the different nail shapes available, and the styles and hands they best suit!


Important Tools For Great Nail Shaping


Before we discuss the different nail types and shapes available, there are certain nail tech tools that are key to successfully shaping your nails. These can be purchased either online at Côte or at a number of different local beauty stores. These tools are: 


Nail Clipper

Nail clippers, also known as nail cutters, are the first step on the path to beautifully shaped nails. Nail cutters provide a quick and rough shaping of the nail by trimming large parts of the nail. 

A nail cutter can be used to quickly alter the length of the nails and create initial outline shapes. Usually, you would use a nail cutter before moving onto a nail file to add shape detail.


Nail File 

A nail file is one of the most important tools when it comes to correctly shaping  your nails. Once you’ve trimmed the bigger portions using a nail clipper, simply sand the edge of your nails against the grainy surface of the file - this will shorten the length of your nail and shape it in a controlled way. Make sure to always file gently and in one direction as this helps seal the raw edge; don’t saw back and forth.

Being able to create a nail shape with smooth corners and an even surface will make the perfect canvas for applying nail varnish.


10 Popular Nail Types and How To Shape Your Nails

 How to Shape Nails - Côte


The following are the 10 most popular nail types and styles, from the practical to the bold!



Natural nails are usually a short length and follow the natural shape of your nails. This shape tends to be more round or almond-shaped than square, making for a very practical look, often favored by those who work with their hands.


Short Round

Short round nails tend to be a very low maintenance style. Round nails are popular as the short round shape is very durable. It is harder to chip or catch an edge with a rounded curve making this shape perfect for an active person. 



Almond-shaped nails are great for adding a classy look to your hands. The slightly tapered point at the tip of almond nails can actually help to elongate the look of your fingers for a sophisticated, feminine look.



Oval-shaped nails are a low-maintenance look for those with naturally long or fast-growing nails. Long oval nails help to create the illusion of a softer elongated shape of the hands, creating a delicate look.



Square-shaped nails also require minimal effort, but are a bit more delicate since it doesn’t follow the natural curve of your nail bed. A square tip can be created by using a nail cutter to trim your nails into a straight square shape instead of an oval or rounded tip. By filing straight across the tip using a nail filer, you can create a straight line. This look best suits longer nails and long fingers as it can look abrupt and harsh on shorter fingers.


Squoval (Square+Oval)

Squoval nails are a mix between the square and oval shapes, producing a soft square tip. This creates a professional look that will suit most hand types and finger lengths! This flattering style will also suit most nail varnish colors well due to its classic shape. The squoval is one of the most popular nail shapes world round.



For those with a more bold style, ballerina shaped nails (also known as coffin nails) will add a certain edge to your style. This look is achieved by forming  a long rounded and tapered nail, then squaring off the tip. For a more stronger, more gothic vibe, pair this shape with darker nail polish to create a flawless look that demands attention. To add a softer element to the daring shape, try using lighter colors.



Lipstick nails are shaped like a new lipstick, with a slanted  tip. This shape is quite high maintenance and challenging to achieve as the angle of the tip needs to be very consistent for the look to shine. Lipstick nails create a unique look that is sure to draw attention, especially when paired with beautiful bold colors. To really emulate the lipstick look, we recommend using bright red nail varnish to finish the look!


Nail Shaping Alternatives In Case You Do Not Want to Grow Out Your Nails 


Several of the different nail shapes and types covered above require the nails to be grown to a certain length in order to successfully achieve the desired shape. However, we know that long nails are not easily achieved for everyone. That said, here are some alternatives for those still wanting a chic, healthy nail style!


Argan Oil

Argan oil is great for maintaining a healthy nail plate and cutlicles. As a cuticle moisturizer, it is best applied to the cuticle base as a final step in your manicure, after your polish application is complete. To rehydrate brittle, dehydrated nails follow these couple steps. If you are taking a break between colors, a day or two of Argan Oil rubbed into your nail plate can be a great moisturizing and hydrating treat for your nails. 

As a bonus, , Argan Oil is great for your skin as well. 100% pure, cold-pressed, organic Argan Oil gives skin a youthful glow by restoring elasticity, leaving skin feeling plumper and softer. The high vitamin E and fatty acid content make it ideal for giving skin a natural boost. Just rub it directly into your skin, face, scalp…really anywhere! Use it as is, or consider mixing in a few drops with your favorite lotion, serum or conditioner. A super-easy, super-effective moisturizing and hydrating BOOST!


Nail Polish

You can achieve a beautiful professional nail look simply by using nail polish. Nail polish can achieve a multitude of looks, from professional styles to fun, funky colors! You can even simulate different nail shapes by using nude and white tone nail varnishes - for inspiration, think of french tip manicure nails.



In summary, there are many ways to shape and style your nails! From practical looks to fun, bold shapes, nails are the latest fashion accessory! At Côte, we provide all the tools, polishes, and accessories you will need to achieve beautiful and stylish nails.