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7 Easy Ways on How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger

Are you tired of having brittle nails? It can be challenging to grow your nails longer if they keep breaking, so you need to know what options are available to help your nails grow faster and more robust.

To find the solution to your weak nails, you must first find the cause of your weak nails. Read on to learn why your nails are not growing and the easy solutions you can use to help them grow stronger.

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Behaviors Preventing Nail Growth

Your habits have a significant influence on how quickly your nails grow and how strong they are. Some of the behaviors that prevent nails from growing strong and healthy are listed below. Identifying the cause of your weak nails allows you to cease the habit and let your nails recover.

Nail Biting And Picking

Anxiety can cause people to pick at their nails and bite their nails due to stress. However, this can destroy the nail and be counterproductive when trying to grow your nails longer. Biting your nails is an unpleasant habit and can be difficult to shake.

Your fingernails collect dirt and bacteria, which can be harmful when ingested, so it is essential to tackle this habit and allow the nails to recover. There are plenty of products and online resources to assist in making nail-biting an unpleasant - and hopefully avoidable - temptation.

Fake Nails

Fake nails can give you the appearance of long, healthy nails in various shapes and sizes. But is it worth it to sacrifice the health of your natural nails?

The adhesives used to bond fake nails to the natural nail can erode the surface of the nails and make them thin, brittle, and prone to peeling. Frequent use of fake nails may leave your nails in serious need of rehabilitation.

Excessive Use Of Gel And Acrylic Polish

Gel and acrylic nail polish is not as abrasive to the nail’s surface as false nails are, however using them frequently can cause unhealthy nails, as the gel or acrylic polish bonds to the top layer of the nail.

When these lacquers are removed using acetone, actual layers of the nail plate are stripped along with the polish. This stripping of the nail plate weakens the nail and makes it more likely to rip, break, peel, and even hurt!

Chipping Nail Polish

You should always remove nail polish using a suitable non-acetone nail polish remover. Chipping and picking at your polish is not a good removal option. This can cause damage to the surface of your nails as it can strip the top layers of the nail plate.

Ensure your nail polishes are correctly removed using a remover to encourage nail growth and nail health. A non-acetone polish remover, like Côte’s Takeoff or Côte’s Takeoff Towels, will safely remove polish and leave nails clean and moisturized. 

Not Using A Base Coat

A protective base coat is an integral part of strengthening nails and providing a barrier between the nail plate and nail polish. There are base coats available that promote nail growth and nail health like Côte’s Growth with Garlic Base Coat.


7 Ways To Make Your Nails Grow Faster

If you have damaged or weak nails, there are several ways you can stimulate nail growth and regain nail health. This section will discuss how to make your nails grow faster using simple and easy methods, along with different tools and treatments.


1) Use Our Garlic Nail Treatment

Our Growth with Garlic Base Coat nail treatment naturally boosts growth in the nails. It uses odorless garlic to keep your hands free of perfume.

Garlic is a rich nutrient and antioxidant that supports the body’s functioning. You can apply this treatment on its own or underneath regular nail polish.

2) Apply Our Nail Strengthening Base Coat

In addition to our garlic nail treatment, we also offer a nail strengthening base coat to provide additional nail strengthening.

Our Strengthening Base Coat can also be used as a top coat to streamline your nail care kit. It improves nail health using coffee extract and vitamin B5 to help repair peeling, broken, or split nails. You can reapply it to your manicure to protect it and keep it fresh.

How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster

3) Use A Soft Nail File

Soft nail files are simply the best tool for filing nails, as they help to keep the nails tidy and short without the risk of damaging them through tearing and splitting. So, instead of opting for a glass nail file, try using a soft nail file for your nail salon manicure instead.

4) Consume Foods Rich In Vitamin B5 Or Biotin

The B vitamins help promote the growth of the hair and nail bed, providing the critical function of repairing and restoring the cells that make up your nails. Vitamin B5 stimulates the growth of red blood cells and is integral to overall health.

Try consuming foods rich in vitamin B7, like beef liver, nuts and seeds, and avocados. This will help to stimulate nail growth. If your nails are brittle, this could be a sign that you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency, a vital signal to include more nutrients in your diet.

5) Avoid Harsh Nail Polish Removers

Many nail-polish wearers blame nail polish for their weak and damaged nails, but actually harsh nail polish removers can cause your nails to become thin or weak. There are two types of nail polish removers - acetone and non-acetone. Opt for a non-acetone nail polish remover.

6) Consider Biotin Or Collagen Supplements

Supplements are a great way to give your body the nutrients it needs to promote the healthiness of nails, hair, and even skin.

Consider taking biotin supplements rich with B vitamins or collagen supplements for nail health, skin health, and hair health. Collagen keeps skin, hair, and nails healthy and helps prevent aging of the skin.

7) Regularly Moisturize Your Nails

If you don't moisturize your skin or condition your hair, it will become dry and textured. The same applies to your nails. Keeping your nails hydrated is essential to promoting healthy nail growth. Dehydrated and frayed cuticles can affect nail plate growth, too.

So, to fully care for your nails, you will need to apply both moisturizer and cuticle oil to ensure your tips remain hydrated. Argan oil is an amazingly effective moisturizer and can be used on skin, hair, scalp, and definitely cuticles. 


If you want stronger, longer, and healthier nails, you must first figure out the underlying cause of your weak and brittle nails. This could be a poor diet, an underlying health issue, the use of harsh chemicals, or the overuse of fake nails and gel manicures.

There are many routes you can take to solve these issues and stop the underlying cause of your brittle nails. Côte offers many products to help you improve nail health and achieve nail growth quickly, support weakened nails, and get the results you desire.

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