Holiday Gift Guide for the Jetsetter

Holiday Gift Guide for the Jetsetter

She’s been to 40 countries and counting. She's a frequent flyer who always knows the best vacation spot for any time of year. You never know what time zone she’s in, but you know she will always bring back the best finds from her many adventures. She’s constantly on-the-go, whether it's skiing in the Swiss Alps or soaking up the sun in Palm Springs. She’s a wanderer, a curious spirit, a thrill seeker. She is The Jetsetter.

We all know a jetsetter in our lives. Their desire to travel and experience the world is inspiring, but may make them a little intimidating to shop for. What do you buy someone who seems like they’ve seen it all? Look no further. For a person who is always on-the-go, we have selected a collection of products that will fit into their ever-changing, adventure-seeking lifestyles. Here are 10 holiday gifts that will impress every globetrotter. 

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1Traveler Strengthening Base & Top,  Organic Argan Oil, & Takeoff Towel Set

A jetsetter is someone who is always ready for take off. However, their busy flight schedules might not always give them enough time to stop in for frequent manis... which is why it's important every traveler carries mani essentials with them. Our traveler strengthening base & top, argan oil, and takeoff towels are the perfect gift combo for anyone looking to retouch, rejuvenate, and recolor their manis and cuticles on-the-go, whether she's 38,000 feet above ground or 38 miles from home. (The argan oil is also 1 oz, making it easy to carry-on as well!)


2. Clove + Hallow Desert Rose Lip











Formulated with natural and organic jojoba, castor, and sunflower oils, this cruelty-free and vegan lipstick delivers a beautiful bold color while also giving lips nourishing hydration. The perfect combo for a traveler who wants to look chic and also avoid those dry climates.


3. Canteen 16oz in Rose Metallic

This canteen keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12 hours without freezing or sweating. An ideal gift for anyone taking a road trip to the desert or mountains.


4. Morning Glory Turmeric Day Mask

Crafted with Brazilian yellow clay, turmeric, and micro-fined calendula botanical, this Morning Glory face mask is an easy and natural way to rejuvenate a jetsetter's skin on those long flights. (It's vegan too!)


5. Sleepmask Pink Airplanes

A true traveler knows that an on-the-go lifestyle requires you to be able to sleep well, just about anywhere. Gift your favorite globetrotter with a comfortable, organic cotton sleep mask - perfect for catching zzz's on a bright day.


6. Luxe Set

A nail polish set will give your favorite adventurer everything she needs for a perfect mani/pedi experience when she can't make it into one of our côte shops. This luxe set has everything you need - from nail tools and takeoff towels to a base & top coat, argan oil, and collagen packs!


7. Desert Duo Set - Tangier

For a jetsetter, a mani on-the-go should feature exotic color combinations. Our desert duo sets bring in stories from popular desert destinations around the globe - from Fes to Marrakech. For example, the Tangier set features no. 123 + no. 124, colors inspired by the bold, vibrant sights and bountiful history of this North African port. Each set also comes with a nail file - perfect to shape on-the-go!


8. Traveler Gift Set

The name speaks for itself...a nail set created with the savvy traveler in mind. The gift set includes everything you need for a touch-up on the go: two remover pads, a petite côte nail file, strengthening base and top coat, and three côte traveler colors.


9. Aspen Serum & Oil

Constant travel not only takes a toll on our skin, but also our hair. To replenish dried out locks, it's important to always carry a hair serum and oil on every trip- whether snow or shine. This Aspen Serum & Oil provides super nutrients to your hair, strengthening and protecting against chemical, mechanical and environmental damage.


10. côte polishes - no. 18, 71, 44, 54

Whether your beloved traveler is going to the beach, the mountains, or the desert, these côte polishes will give them a variety of colors to choose from that will pop in any destination. No. 18 is the perfect bold pink for a tropical vacation to the beaches of Bora Bora. No. 71 is a periwinkle blue that will complement the blue and white backdrops of Santorini. No. 44 will take your mani to the mountains, melting in with the snowfall and vast mountainscape of the Swiss Alps. And no. 54 is our go-to color for a weekend in the desert - a vibrant salmon color that will mix in with the warmth of the sands. 


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