diy mani: the côte way

diy mani: the côte way

at côte, we know's what we do! we also know that it's not always possible to get your pampering done at your local nail shop, so we've tapped into our skilled and expert techs to provide a few pointers on how to achieve the perfect manicured look when you're on your own

follow our six easy steps

 step 1: keep it clean

ensure that your nails are clean. remove any polish with a non acetone polisher remover in a well-ventilated area. 

step 2: trim & shape

using clippers, or a medium grit nail file, begin to trim and shape your nails: oval, "squoval" or square, what's your fancy?

keep your file strokes going in one direction. filing back and forth can break down your nails and actually do more damage than good


step 3: soak & hydrate

manicures aren't only about your nails...your hands get to get in on the action too! moisturize your hands prior to applying polish.  

côte's organic argan oil is an excellent, natural hydrator, but other oils or lotions can work as well. once your hands are soft and happy, make sure to once again wipe all nails with your non-acetone remover.

step 4: all about that base (coat!)

with a clean, dry nail bed waiting, go for a base coat that makes sense. nails a little "ridge-y?" try côte's smoothing base. is weak and brittle more your issue? then côte's strengthening base & top (with it's vitamin B5 and coffee extract) is more your speed.  

step 5: color me

with over 100 gorgeous and toxin free colors to choose from, there's a shade for everyone and every mood. apply two coats, trying to keep each coat thin and even

with a medium amount of polish on the brush, start with one stroke down the center of the nail, then follow with a swipe to each side to spread out the color coverage.


step 6: top it off

once your color has set and dried, it's time to pull it all together. shiny? matte? whatever your mood, we've got you covered!

for those on the run, use our quick dry top. it significantly cuts down dry time and leaves you with a super shiny, long-lasting and tough-as-nails finish. a côte tech fav! 


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