côte collab: cote x wanderlust creamery
côte recently partnered with another local california brand that is serving wanderlust one scoop at a time. the collaboration is a no-brainer since Wanderlust Creamery aligns with the côte ethos. we also love how they have captured the spirit of wanderlust in their product. we decided to package a duo set that is inspired by travel to the south of france, featuring our popular colors no.13 and no.111, while Wanderlust created two special, limited-time flavors: sweet "honey lavender", made with french lavender and californian honey, and the luxurious "côte rosé" with notes of berries, violet, and rose petals. we celebrated the launch of this new summer collaboration with an influencer event at our location in brentwood. we invited top food bloggers and influencers to try out the new flavors first hand with a newly manicured hands. check out our new duo and BTS below. 
July 20, 2018 by Donna Carsten

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