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working with independent artisans from around the world is an extremely important part of the retail we sell at côte. one of my goals is to find things that have a one-of-a-kind feeling -- items that you are not going to find in the greater los angeles area. being the VP at a small business, i have a true appreciation for what it takes to thrive in a crowded marketplace - i think it's super important that we support other small businesses as we share a special kinship of sorts. 

discover some of the artisans we support at c ôte!

nell & mary designs is always a surprise – in a good way! they’re a small design studio based in portland, oregon that is turning out some really beautiful textiles that can be worn or used around the home.  

“I really love their designs and can always find a place for them in my own home and at côte.”

root foot produces unique plant oils for the body to keep you grounded. by “sharing plant wisdom in modern form,” their efforts help support sustainable agriculture and eco-projects. 
“rootfoot is a brand we’ve carried for awhile and always does well with our customer base.”

this new york based brand focuses on the intricate and inspiring details of life and puts that essence into their jewelry. items in the collection are inspired by characters and creatures of folklore and history. the craftsmanship is top-line and designs keep the imagination working long after purchase. 

“in addition to loving the designer's bio, the folkloric designs are truly beautiful.”

(sold exclusively in-store)
a husband wife duo cranking out beautiful leather works from their home in austin, texas makes son of a sailor a true artisan brand that represent everything we support in small businesses! all of their items look great and are extremely functional and well crafted. 

 “i love the fact that it's a husband and wife team based out of their home -- everything is handmade in their austin studio." 

November 18, 2016 by cale jones